Enterprise Level Data Encryption

Evergreen Processing Services is just that: SECURE!!! We do not simply rely on a firewall to protect your Customer’s data, we use enterprise level encryption to ensure that your Customers personal information will Never be usable by unauthorized parties.

How Merchant Processing Works


Customer presents credit or debit card to merchant or website for processing.


Evergreen Processing Services requests authorization from cardholder's bank via VISA/MasterCard/Discover card networks.


Cardholder's bank approves the transaction and sends the approval back to SPS and the merchant.


Cardholder's bank initiates a payment to the acquiring/settlement bank. SPS deposits via ACH the funds directly into the Merchants Bank Account (normally within 24 hours).


The acquiring bank distributes the interchange fee to VISA/MasterCard/Discover, and to the cardholder's financial institution.


Done. Transaction complete!